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       With the completion of the whole genome sequencing of many important crops and plants, the demand for accurate, rapid and non-destructive acquisition of plant phenotype information by researchers is increasing. Fully-functional phenotype information collection equipment and phenotype information analysis technology will become the driving force for the development of phenotyping omics. Yield, resistance and quality are the ultimate goals pursued by modern agriculture. The plant phenotypic research platform is an important infrastructure needed for the development of plant science research today. There are more than 100 large-scale phenotypic facilities in operation internationally. In order to keep up with the world's technological development, the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Zealquest Scientific Technology Co., Ltd., combining their respective advantages, jointly established a plant phenotyping technology research platform at the Zhuanghang Experimental Station of the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences on May 17, 2021. This platform is a representative research platform for plant phenotyping in the provincial academy of agricultural sciences, and it is also an innovative attempt to establish a research platform through cooperation between academies and enterprises.



       Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhuanghang Experimental Station--Zealquest Scientific Technology's plant phenotyping technology research platform not only has a drone phenotype platform, a large-scale field phenotype analysis platform, a greenhouse and laboratory high-throughput phenotype analysis system, but also Modern greenhouses, molecular laboratories, biological laboratories, plant physiological and ecological measurement equipment, agrometeorological measurement systems, and professional database platforms. The research platform has all kinds of conditions for plant and animal gene sequencing and plant phenotype research. In the near future, the platform is expected to provide strong support for Shanghai to speed up research on seed sources and strengthen its agricultural "chips".